Sharing the Starwin Spirit

Since our foundation in 2010 we have worked with some amazing talent in the top end. This is some of their stories and what Starwin has meant to them...


Brad East - Art By Beast  - TalentEd camp participant, 2011

"Starwin offered me one of my earliest cataclysmic moments in the form of the diversity represented in our sporting program, as a single-minded (and very consumed) basketballer, I got my first look into the lives and passions of people not-otherwise-sharing my own, and now years later I often wonder where I would be if I had realized later that there were other experiences out there. The humanism in my work comes directly from experiences such as these and I am always grateful I was able to start so young"


Freelance artist based in Canberra, AUS
Instagram: @artbybeast
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