Ausdesigns Apron - Freshwater

Apron in Freshwater print, made by the Ausdesigns team at Helping People Achieve (HPA), providing employment to Australians with disabilities. 

Design: Freshwater

Artist: Jacob Robert Nakanuli (Ahwon)

Home: Pine Creek 


This story is about Manta Ray, his brother the shark and nephew the jellyfish. Manta Ray went fishing and didn't catch anything so he made a fish trap from rocks and went looking for bush tucker to mix with the fish. He went out on the full moon to look for fish, threw the net and caught a rainbow serpent which turned him into a manta ray the others were turned into shark and jellyfish. Everyone was looking for them but the shark, manta ray and jellyfish went their separate ways.

Collections: Kitchen

Vendor: Ausdesigns

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